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  • To create a new account (and start to play) select a name or pseudonym and type it into the first text box at the top of this page. Then carefully enter a password in the second box. Click the [New Player] radio button, then click [Enter].
  • Do not use your [Back], [Forward] or other navigation buttons inside the game. Also, do not use multiple windows. (When you're logged in, only the current page has valid links.)
  • If you are idle for 10 minutes you'll be logged out and the game will stop responding.

Game Overview

This is an online, multiplayer webgame where players play independently or form teams. When you enter the game you'll be issued a starship with cargo holds, a lot of fuel, and a little cash. By hauling commodities between planets and ports you can earn microbots (money) which you can use to buy fighters, upgrade your ship, build a bunker, make starbases, or buy other handy items. You can use your fighters to attack other players' ships, you can mine a galaxy with attack-mode starbases, or you can guard key sectors with defensive starbases. Or, you might join a team and, together with your teammates, attempt to dominate a large and lucrative galaxy for your exclusive use. Or, perhaps you might prefer to join the war of resistance and help topple the ruthless overlords of the universe...

So, create an account and take a look around. We have online help files and you can use your ship radio to ask questions of other players. It's free and you can play anonymously.